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In my early teens I attended a blacksmith demonstration at a local fair. The rhythm of the hammer, the roaring of the fire and the sight of raw steel being shaped into a work of art truly captivated me.

Soon after, a chance encounter with a local farmer selling a small anvil and an old coke forge led to a new hobby to being born. After 3 years studying metal work at college and working part-time for a local black smith, I decided to venture on my own.

K-Works became established 1999. Taking an old cattle shed at Rectory Farm, Langley and renovating it to my own unique work space, allowed my passion to become my work.

Over the years my skills and expertise have allowed me specialize in all aspects of metalwork, from intricate personalised works of art, to larger, more industrial based work. Over the years my clients have grown to not only include the proud home owner but also builders, craftsmen, designers and architects.

Above all at K-Works, I look at combining traditional forging processes with mordern techniques to create truly bespoke metalwork, whatever the clients needs.


Products we offer

    Traditional & contemporary forged metalwork
    Restoration of period metalwork
    Welding and fabrication of all metals
    Domestic, industrial & architectural
    Gates, railings & balustrades
    Fireplace furniture
    Curtain poles
    Fittings and fixtures

Materials Available

    Mild steel
    Cast steel
    Wrought iron
    Stainless steel

Possible Finishes

    Great for finishing forged metalwork, for internal use only.
    Painted finish
    We deal with single and two pack paints,
    available in any colour.
    A cathode protective coating for steel to protect
    against corrosion
    Powder coating
    More durable than paint, available in many colours.
    Polishing & graining
    Used mainly on stainless steel and non-ferrous materials


I am happy to take enquires over the phone, via e-mail, or through the contact form. If your local, feel free to drop in for a chat about your jobs requirements. If you have a design and/or budget in mind we can price and plan the work accordingly, and if not then we can discuss this together.

Once design, budget and payment terms have been agreed with then we can commence work on your project. We will advise you on the completion time scale which does vary depending on our work load and project requirements.

With the experience I have gained over the years working with various builders and craftsmen, I am able to deliver and install all my work with the same level of quality that you expect.

Please note that during the course of my working day it may be necessary for me to fetch supplies, meet clients or install work, so to avoid finding a closed workshop I do urge you to please contact prior your visit.


    T – 01622 862600
    M – 07711 830249
    Rectory Farm,
    Sutton Road, Maidstone,
    Kent, ME17 3LY
    Mon - Fri 8am - 6pm
    Saturday 10am - 3pm
    Sundays - Closed